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The world's only purpose-built EMS to meet the most important challenge facing associations and non-profits...Engagement.

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Our Connect suite of products allows you to connect iMIS to the systems you love. Don't compromise...Connect! 

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Simplify & streamline ALL your awards, grants, scholarships, fellowships, abstracts and more in one platform.

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" iMIS has been a game changer for us - A single source of truth for our member data." -The Royal Society of Chemistry

Big Enough To Deliver | Small Enough To Care.

Connect Systems Global:



Jeremy Wilson is our CEO! He spent 15 years working in corporate IT before moving to a UK Charity to implement iMIS and has now spent over 15 years working with iMIS. He set up Connect Systems Global in the UK and enjoys helping our clients connect iMIS to the systems they love

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Boost Non-Dues Revenue with Your Association’s Website

Is your association’s website taking advantage of non-dues revenue opportunities?

Connect for Mailchimp

Connect for Mailchimp - Now Even Faster!

Do You Use Teams Calls?

In an increasingly regulated world, professional certification ensures that you’re ready to meet the requirements of licensing, from local to state to national to international.

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